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When it comes to landscapes and hiking trips, there’s nothing that can truly beat Australia at this game. Top hikes in Australia range from independent half-day jaunts through bird-rich bushland and along beaches lapped by sapphire seas to guided multi-day treks through the country’s red hot heart, where rugged gorges and red-hued deserts challenge even hard-core hikers. After all, the world’s smallest continent has so much to offer.

Australia is a highly developed country with numerous opportunities, so there are endless streams of people travelling there to make a life for themselves. It is a brilliant tourist destination.

An Australian tour is ideal if you want to get away from it all and relax. Australia has all beautiful beaches, rain forests, expanses of deserts, and so much more! Australian tourism also offers an equally exciting urban experience in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Hiking trips in Australia offer something for everyone, from families to solo hikers and from the coast to the desert. Wherever your walkabout takes you in this wild and sun-soaked land, the spectacular scenery will stir your soul just as it did for the aboriginal people thousands of years ago.