Alice Springs

Alice Springs is located almost directly in the centre of Australia, lies in the Northern Territory’s endless outback, more than 1,500 kilometres from the nearest town. Although the remote country town is definitely reachable, its location is perfect for exploring the Red Center.

Although there are not many activities in the town itself, if you want to immerse yourself in the aborigines’ rich history, heritage, and culture, Alice Springs is a good place to visit. It has many excellent museums and Australian Aboriginal art galleries, as well as a large indigenous population. In addition, there are many restaurants, bars and hotels to choose from.

However, its main attraction is the breathtaking desert landscape, rock formations and gorges surrounding it. The iconic Uluru attracts most tourists with its unique ruddy hue and great hulking landmass, while the Kata Tjuta rock formations and the large cracks in Kings Canyon are spectacular sights.