Sydney: Of Hidden Coves and Laughing Birds

November 22, 2021
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Sydney: Of Hidden Coves and Laughing Birds

The name Sydney alone makes me wonder. As far as I can remember, I wanted to see this city on the east coast of Australia. And all I can say is she’s just amazing! There is something new to discover and explore every corner.

Harbor Bridge (Uphill from the bridge offers incredibly impressive views of the city’s vast harbour area, but unfortunately very expensive), the world-famous opera house, Beautifully landscaped parks, and in some parks, Opossums live in trees, and I couldn’t feed enough bananas for these cute little creatures!

You can go sightseeing and shopping here for hours and days. But the latter is not as satisfying as I politely consider it very expensive. By the way, Sydney is also a great place for New Year’s Eve. So if you still don’t know where to spend the next New Year, definitely think of Sydney!

There are many beautiful beaches in Sydney as if that weren’t enough. One of them is Manly Beach. I’ve read about hiking trails that lead directly to this beach, the so-called Manly Scenic Walkway at home. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do the next day!

The first sunshine of the day woke me up early in the morning. The perfect weather for my 10 km hike. To get to the trail’s starting point, you need to take a bus for a while to Spit Bridge. When you get there, the path starts directly. This comes up with the first highlight, a beautiful little bay. As I was walking on the pedestrian bridge over the clear sea, I saw some small blowfish there. At least so identified.

We also focused on the variety of routes. Sometimes the trails pass directly through the beautiful sandy beaches, you can take a short bath break or walk barefoot on the surf, it’s really great!

Over and over again, you come across a small idyllic bay. Often you have the opportunity to swim, or at least cool down.

Then narrow again to a small sidewalk directly on the steep shore, with indescribable views of the deep blue sea. Nature should be more dreamy, so one day, I would like to explore Western Australia.

Sometimes we hike wide wooden boards high up in the coastal forest.

Along the way, there is a hill with stunning views of the Sydney skyline. I am an absolute skyline lover and am overwhelmed by such views in cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Singapore!

Over and over again, you come across a small idyllic bay. Often you have the opportunity to swim, or at least cool down.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of the species-rich fauna that inhabit the dense bank vegetation.

On the other hand, contact with many lizards requires little or no luck. They are available here in all possible sizes and colours. Some people are not shy and pose in front of the camera, almost like a pro.

Towards the end of the hike, you’ll come across Sherry Beach, a very small and cute bay hidden in dense coastal forests. After hiking about 9km at 33 degrees, I thought diving into the cold water here and swimming a little would be great. What’s more, the beach is studded with shells of all shapes and colours, so it’s not ashamed of its name. Perfect for me, I love collecting seashells! Here I saw the first kookaburra in the wild. By the way, it lived with a laugh that lives up to its name.

I could have stayed here forever, but at some point, I had to let go of this magical Earth again if I wanted to reach my destination on the same day. When I finally arrived at Manly, I had the opportunity to rest after a fairly intense hike. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and ice cream parlours here, and you are content with your choice. Not to mention the huge and wide sandy beaches that look very beautiful. Australia, you are just amazing!

Actually, there is a small penguin’s colony here as well, but unfortunately, I couldn’t meet them. Maybe they were in an ice cream parlour; it wouldn’t be strange in the heat!

You can then take the ferry back to Sydney. Skillfully, when you enter Sydney Harbor, you’ll see the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge in the setting sun!

Well, did you want to check out Sydney yourself and do this amazing hike? Remember that Australia requires an electronic tourist visa, the so-called e Visitor 651. You can apply for this on the official website of the Australian Government. Visas are free there.