Cape to Cape Track

In the southwest corner of Western Australia, 260 kilometres south of Perth, the cape in Cape Track is one of the greatest coastal hikes in Australia. This rewarding multi-day hike meanders for 135 kilometres along the coastal cliffs, the beaches of the surfboard and the forests of giant trees of Karri.

Named for its path between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, along the coast of the Margaret River, the whole walk is in a national park and takes between five and seven days. But you can choose simpler sections for half-day or full-day walks.

Highlights of the Cape to Cape walking track include jagged Sugarloaf Rock jutting from the sea, such as cool cascades, squeaky-clean beaches, coastal rock formations, and sea cliffs with views across the pounding surf. Keep an eye out for whales between June and December.

One of the most scenic regions of the hike skirts the cliff-tops above the beach of Contos, where the wildflowers bloom in the spring, and the kangaroos are often covered under the stain with shadow. Another region crosses the mouth of the Margaret River while flowing towards the sea.

Campsites are located along the way and have a range of more comfortable accommodations, which makes it a great option for hikers who prefer not abruptly after a long day of walking. Tour groups also run guided walks along this route.