Fraser Island Great Walk

Tracking the footsteps of the Native Butchulla people on World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, this 90-kilometre walk leads to the best tourist attractions of the planet’s largest sand island. The trail strings along old logging routes between Happy Valley and Dilli Village through subtropical rainforest and mangroves and along the coasts of windswept beaches.

The highlights include walking along the rainforest from the rainforest bordering the crystal clear waters of Wanggoolba Creek, swimming in the flashy blue waters of Lake McKenzie, and looking at the magnificent sand dune Adulfing Lake Wabby.

In the central station, stop by the exhibits to brush up on the history and ecology of the island, and while you walk, take care of the Dingos, the wild dog from Australia. This relatively easy walk lasts from six to eight days to complete and can be concentrated in smaller segments if it is short in time. The basic walkers’ fields are located along the route, a couple of private guesthouses, and the 4-star Kingfisher Bay Resort.