Kings Canyon Rim Walk

One of the most famous daytime hikes of the country, the six-kilometre Kings Canyon Rim Walk in the Watarrka National Park, skirts the lip of a spectacular 150-meter deep cannon in the red centre of Australia.

Due to the scorching heat, it is better to start this trip three to four hours before dawn. The rising sun decorates the landscape in rich shades of rose gold, and this is also the best time to witness the wildlife, including kangaroos, zebra and White-plumed honeyeaters.

The first portion of the hike requires climbing 500 steps to the edge of the canyon, but it’s worth it for spectacular views. Once at the top, follow the u-shaped trail around the sandstone cliffs and among the comrades who are under a marvel of domestic rock formations worn; ancient cycads; and the garden of Eden, an unlikely oasis with exuberant vegetation and a perennial waterhole. After winter rains, the waterfalls tumble down the rock faces here.

The Kings Canyon Rim Walk requires an average to high fitness level and is a one-way loop, so it was not found with hikers arriving in the opposite direction. If possible, avoid hiking to extreme temperatures in September until May. Take a lot of water, sun protection and insect protection.

Hikers looking for a softer walk in the canyon can try the easy 2.6-kilometre Kings Canyon Creek Walk on foot.  

Kings Canyon Resort is located about seven kilometres from here, with accommodations ranging from campings to luxurious rooms.