Melbourne is perhaps the most beautiful city in Australia. It has been named the most livable city in the world and is also a great place for tourists! The most exceptional aspects include the Eureka Square, Queen Victoria Market, The Arcades and Secret Lanes, Federation Skydeck and Graffiti Lane.

All Melbourne stereotypes are true: everyone wears black, all are obsessed with coffee, and there are too many rooftop bars for a town with such a temperamental climate. But the best of Melbourne is that it is full of secrets to discover. Whether it’s a hidden laneway bar, a ten-storey shopping adventure or an underground theatre space, most things that are worth visiting are within easy reach and cheap as chips to get there, thanks to the city-wide free tram zone.

The capital of the State of Victoria, Melbourne, is the second most populated city in Australia. Located near the southeast of the extreme of Australia in the large natural bay of Port Phillip, Melbourne is considered a cultural capital of the nation and an important port. Due to its high quality of life, citizens around the world have been flocked on the streets. Its multicultural population is reflected in delicious cuisine and in the unique neighbourhoods that make it a place so fascinating to explore.

Melbourne’s City Center district possesses the most attractions, including the most recognizable milestone in the city, the Flinders Street Railway station. The multiple clocks hanging on the entrance to the Edwardian Era station was a popular meeting place. The skyscraper Eureka Tower, the highest in the southern hemisphere, features on the 88th-floor observation platform. Visitors can go to a glass compartment for panoramic views of the bay and the green range of the Dandenong mountain range beyond.

In the Carlton district, visitors can explore the largest museum in the southern hemisphere. The Melbourne Museum shows the rich social history of the nation, its indigenous cultures up to its charm with football and horses, and also has extended exhibitions that illustrate the natural history of Australia.

If you are a sports dice, you have Australian Open Tennis, the Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup and the AFL. For everyone else, you have an incredible food scene, some of the best coffee and coffee in the country (if not the world), great pubs, excellent festivals, endless shopping, wonderful markets, practical public transport and just a round of addictive vibe!

Visitors looking for outdoor activities can enjoy the city parks, many of which are shaded by big and ripe trees. For a retro feel, Brighton Beach has luxurious bathroom huts. St. Kilda beach is one of the most popular beaches, both for swimming and clubs and restaurants that find the shore. For sunbathing and swimming, Melbourne’s bayside beaches are ideal. From dawn to dusk, Melbourne visitors will never remain without exciting things to see and do.