Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is very isolated from the rest of Australia. Still, due to its laid-back atmosphere, wonderful cultural attractions and various activities, it is considered one of the most livable cities in the world.

Many of Perth’s attractions are located near the water, whether the beaches along the northern sunset coast or the parks, trails and picnic areas along the Swan River. Fremantle is called “Frio” by the locals. It is the city’s port, a bustling marina, and has gained a reputation for artists and students. Cottesloe Beach is located a few miles north of Fremantle and is the most popular beach in Perth.

One of the largest urban parks in the world, the 1,000-acre Kings Park includes Mount Eliza overlooking the city, the Sky Botanical Garden and the National War Memorial Park. The Perth Zoo offers visitors up-close encounters with kangaroos and other native Australian animals. Perth’s ferry service takes visitors to car-free Rottnest Island or closer to Penguin Island for the daily feeding of flightless birds. 

Whether you want to swim with dolphins, firing up a barbeque on the banks of the river, or explore the Western Australia Aquarium, Australia’s largest aquarium, there are plenty of aquatic adventures in Perth, which loves the sun and seals.